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Silver (₹999/month)

Targeted at aspirants facing setbacks but yearning for tech success.

Key outcomes include coding confidently in Python and acing coding interviews within the first month.
Features weekly interactive Python coding sessions, access to coding challenge platforms, live Q&A sessions, and more.
Provides essential resources such as coding cheat sheets and interview prep from industry insiders.

Key Features:

  • Weekly interactive Python coding sessions
  • Access to coding challenge platforms
  • Live Q&A sessions with industry experts
  • Coding cheat sheets and interview prep resources
  • Personalized support for coding confidence

What to Expect:

Unlock your potential with our Silver Membership. Gain the skills and knowledge to code confidently in Python and ace coding interviews within the first month. Participate in engaging sessions led by experienced instructors and access valuable resources to accelerate your learning journey.

Gold (₹7999/Quarterly)

Aimed at determined novices seeking a tech career without struggle.

Key outcomes in 3 months include building a professional Python project and acing technical job interviews.
Features weekly live coding sessions, unlimited access to tutorials and exercises, personalized code review feedback, and networking opportunities.
Offers resume and LinkedIn profile optimization, interview prep with mock sessions, and exclusive job alerts from partner companies.

Key Features:

  • Weekly live coding sessions with personalized feedback
  • Unlimited access to tutorials and exercises
  • Resume and LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Mock interview sessions and job alerts
  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals

What to Expect:

Take your tech career to new heights with our Gold Membership. Build a professional Python project, ace technical job interviews, and unlock exclusive networking opportunities. Receive personalized support and guidance to achieve your career goals efficiently.

Platinum (₹74999/yearly)

Geared towards driven Python enthusiasts seeking a career breakthrough with structured support and expert coaching.
Key outcomes in 1 year include landing a high-paying tech job, mastering Python and relevant tools, and building a professional tech network.
Features weekly live coding labs, on-demand video tutorials, personalized progress tracking, direct mentor feedback, and access to a private job board.
Provides advanced Python features and libraries, time management techniques for coders, monthly guest speaker webinars, and ongoing career guidance post-completion.


Key Features:

  • Weekly live coding labs with direct mentor feedback
  • On-demand video tutorials and advanced Python resources
  • Time management techniques for coders
  • Monthly guest speaker webinars and ongoing career guidance
  • Access to a private job board for career opportunities


What to Expect:

Elevate your Python skills and career prospects with our Platinum Membership. Land a high-paying tech job, master Python and relevant tools, and build a professional tech network. Benefit from personalized mentorship and advanced resources to excel in the rapidly evolving tech industry.