Game Designing

What is Game Designing?

Game designers are the developers and designers of specialized software .As a game designer includes the visualising, planning and designing the computer and video games .The game designers has to design the levels ,puzzles ,character, storylines, animations and art. They can also used to code with the programming languages such as C#,C++,Python.

  • The steps to designing the game depends on the idea or the theme of the game ,the designer need to decide for which version the game need to be designed i.e for mobile ,PC ,Play stations or video games.the designer make the prototype of the design and make sure it works properly then the designer move further .
  • After planning the designer need to plan which tool is used to model or sculpture the characters of the game and also graphics of the game depend on the concept of the game and finishing up with the character design then,
  • The designer need to plan the animations and controls for the character depending on the theme of the game designer.
  • After finishing the game designing the designer make sure that he will be fine with all the controls,theme and the motions of character are working then deploy the game into server.

Eligibility to become a Game Designer

To become a game designer a candidate must have a certain set of skills which he/she can acquire after completing relevant courses like B.Sc in Graphics, Animation & Gaming, B. Tech in Computer Science and Game Development, BA in Digital Filmmaking & Animation, M.Sc in Multimedia and Animation, M.Sc in Game Design and Development, Advanced Diploma in Game Art & 3D Game Content Creation, Advanced Diploma in Game Design and Development Application, Certificate in Game Art & Design etc. Enlisted below are the minimum eligibility conditions required to become a game designer.

  •          A bachelor’s degree in game design can be earned soon after completing class 12/intermediate successfully.
  •         Game designers must possess a bachelor’s or diploma in game designing or a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering or other equivalent fields.
  •          It requires no specific entry-level. Although if a candidate has an undergraduate degree he/she will be preferred more.
  •         Candidates with a degree in engineering have an upper hand over other candidates. They have a better insight into the technical aspects of computer applications.
  •          Various colleges offer different programmers specifically build for game design. Aspirants can opt for game design courses in order to enhance the skills required in the field of game designing.

Skill Set to become a Game Designer

·         Technical ability, in particular familiar with a range of programming languages and software technologies and packages such as C#, C++ and Python

  • ·         Scripting and design capabilities using software such as Blueprint Visual Scripting within Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)
  • ·         A passion for gaming and an understanding of the different hardware platforms available for games
  • ·         Communication skills, both verbal and written, to put your ideas across to other members of the team
  • ·         An innovative approach to game design
  • ·         A willingness and aptitude to learn new technical skills such as version control software
  • ·         Confidence and influencing skills to present your ideas and pitch for funding

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